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After Each Call, Send a Graphic or Video Text Message

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Platform Features

Main Dashboard

The platform provides a comprehensive view of who is calling your business, the ROI of every phone call, and which customers have received a follow-up response. Quickly set up video meetings with prospective clients with one click.

  • Listen to a recording of each new customer call.
  • Text new callers a link to video chat.
  • Easily record video chat meetings.
  • View incoming call ROI at a glance.
  • See where callers are calling from.
  • Send custom messages, promos, or even video to past callers via text.
  • Easily see which offers are the most successful.

Simple Scheduling

50% of meetings are booked outside of working hours – don’t miss out! Take the back-and-forth out of scheduling and convert more clients on every possible channel.
  • Customized booking page to match your services
  • Real time availabilities with Google and Microsoft connections
  • Automatic SMS & email reminders help avoid no-shows
  • Integrate on your website or share your link everywhere (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email signature)
  • Tailored to your branding with customized colors and confirmation emails

Meet Online or In Person

Share your knowledge worldwide with our secure video, voice and messaging tool to speak to your clients online.

  • Easy in-browser video conferencing (no downloads, PIN codes or plug-ins)
  • Join from any device (in-browser compatibility)
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing and chat
  • Video & audio recording
  • Group calls for up to 16 participants

After Each New Customer Call,
Send a Graphic or Video Text Message

Text Promo Manager

Follow up with each past caller with the SMS Text Promo Manager. Send personal text messages, coupons, or even a personal video to past callers. SMS Media Messages can be sent to just one person, or an entire campaign all at once!

Set Promo Text Defaults

  • Send follow-up texts, graphics, and even video messages to past callers.
  • Set up a default message and media to text callers.
  • Change default message and media as often as you like.
  • Your subscription comes with a custom digital business card you can text to past callers, or even entire past campaigns.

Send Mass Texts

  • Easily send text messages and media to multiple past callers.
  • Select individual callers, or select all callers in a campaign.

View Text History

  • See all previous texts sent to past callers.
  • Sort by any given date range.

Get Started finds you new customers and clients.  We are experts at making your phone ring with customers and clients that are ready to do business with you now!

However, we admit, is not the perfect solution for every business.  Before we both spend time (and your money) on a campaign to make your phone ring, let’s make sure we are a good fit! 

Please fill out the form below, and if we think we can add value to your current lead generation efforts we will send you a link for a face to face video chat.