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After Each Call, Send a Graphic or Video Text Message

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What's Included

Targeted AD Campaign

Your subscription includes a targeted ad campaign for your services across Google and Facebook. Multiple ads are created and tested against each other to maximize new customer call potential.

Custom Video Landing Pages for Each Ad

The new customer team creates a video landing page for each of your offers.  Shoot your own video with your cell phone, send it to us, we will edit the video with your branding and send traffic to it.  Every subscription includes up to 4 campaigns and custom landing pages.

  • Custom video landing page for each campaign
  • Landing Pages include call tracking
  • Video Chat with potential new customers
  • Contact form information can be sent directly to your email marketing provider

Call Monitoring Dashboard

The platform provides a comprehensive view of who is calling your business, the ROI of every phone call, and which customers have received a follow-up response.

  • View incoming call ROI at a glance.
  • See where callers are calling from.
  • Send custom messages, promos, or even video to past callers via text.
  • Easily see which offers are the most successful.
  • Listen to a recording of each new customer call.

Campaign Offers

Your marketing campaign is based on up to four offers for your business. The platform shows you the value of each offer, and gives you control to change your offers and specials.

  • Promote up to 4 different offers for your business.
  • Add a dollar value to each offer to track ROI.
  • Change offers up to twice a month.

After Each New Customer Call,
Send a Graphic or Video Text Message

Text Promo Manager

Follow up with each past caller with the SMS Text Promo Manager. Send personal text messages, coupons, or even a personal video to past callers. SMS Media Messages can be sent to just one person, or an entire campaign all at once!

Set Promo Text Defaults

  • Send follow-up texts, graphics, and even video messages to past callers.
  • Set up a default message and media to text callers.
  • Change default message and media as often as you like.
  • Your subscription comes with a custom digital business card you can text to past callers, or even entire past campaigns.

Send Mass Texts

  • Easily send text messages and media to multiple past callers.
  • Select individual callers, or select all callers in a campaign.

View Text History

  • See all previous texts sent to past callers.
  • Sort by any given date range.

Get Started finds you new customers and clients.  We are experts at making your phone ring with customers and clients that are ready to do business with you now!

However, we admit, is not the perfect solution for every business.  Before we both spend time (and your money) on a campaign to make your phone ring, let’s make sure we are a good fit! 

Please fill out the form below, and if we think we can add value to your current lead generation efforts we will send you a link for a face to face video chat.